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oct. 2021

Gaelic Football practice : discover a new sport !

Publié il y a 3 mois par Vincent SIMARD

Hello Sophia sportsmen !

Here's a simple riddle for you : A sport mixing rugby and soccer, mostly played in Ireland and with a little touch of magic......It's.....not galactic football.

Of course not ! It is Gaelic Football !! This Irish practice mixes soccer and rugby to give.....a spectacular sight ! 

Quite unknow by the common person, Gaelic Football is yet an intense and mind blowing discipline. 

If you play rugby or soccer, you definitely must try it !

Fortunately here is a new opportunity for you to be part of Biot's team ! 

Whether male or female, the Azur Gaels team is recruiting ! Come try and test this practice on sunday from 6pm to 7.30pm in Biot, Operto stadium (several slots will be unlocked within the year).

You will have the chance to enroll in the team and maybe competing for France's Championship ! 

Moreover, the annual subscription is only 45€ so come on ! Grab your shoes and flask and join us on the field !


More information with Charley Cornillau :



See you soon !