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sept. 2021

Online Yoga Sessions

Publié il y a 8 mois par Vincent SIMARD

Tuesday 6.30 pm

Hello students !

Do not miss this opportunity !


As SKEMA Students you might be aware that yoga classes are organized. But did you know that all SKEMA students could join the sessions ? 

Indeed ! This year introduces the online format for yoga training ! Whether being in Suzhou, Paris or in Cape Town, you can all follow one hour and a half of de-stress motions per week !


“How do I do ?”. Well it’s simple ! Click the link down below at 6.30 pm (Paris hour) on Tuesdays and participate in the live session of our wise and peaceful teacher : Olivier Dalmasso. 



"OMG I missed the yoga session !! I must way one more week to practice :(". Do not panic ! IGTV's are available on @skeam_sports account whenever you want !

You will need a sports suit, a yoga carpet and some space to enable your body to do wide and large movements. Do not forget your bottle to stay hydrated.


You may ask yourselves : “Why would I do yoga ?”. 

Well, the answer is pretty simple : yoga is a physical activity. And as Juvenal said : “mens sana in corpore sano” ( a healthy mind in a healthy body ). Practicing sports brings you lots of benefits : whether providing mental advantages or physical ones. Yoga helps at improving cerebral functions, to de-stress, to maintain a healthy weight, to enhance your lungs capacity, to gain more flexibility, to relieve anxiety, etc.

In the end, you will feel physically and mentally better by practicing yoga. 

So do not hesitate to join the live sessions and to ask questions if you have some ! 


Take care of yourselves and live life to the full !

See you